Monday, November 5, 2012

SPINE FUSION - Actual rehab begins

Practice new method of getting out of bed:  shoulders and pelvis must move in the same plane - no twisting.  Ever.  Funny non-skid socks.  And we go out in the hall to walk.

I still have a mental picture of physical therapy in the movies.  Remember to be grateful that I'm not as damaged as in the movies.  I also miss the machines that my physical therapist (PT)  had me use many months ago, after the first diagnosis.  I guess I'm not even strong enough for them yet.

  There is a "seat belt" physical therapists use over my brace, just around the waist, so they can grab me if I fall, even though I use the walker.  

Walking doesn't seem like rehab to me until I remember the pain in July and more recently, before the X-rays, especially in my right leg.  Those leg nerves have to heal.  The two PTs go with me.  They seem to hover, pat my shoulder, give me a lot of encouragement with each step.  What I really need is reminders to stand straight, hold my stomach in, shoulders back.  I'm not used to someone talking at me.

Too soon, we're back in my room.  I'm tired.  Remove brace, fasten it on the walker.  Every time I meet a new pt or nurse, I have to explain that basically, I live alone, and if the brace falls on the floor at home, there is no one to pick it up.  Back to bed.

 I manage to get someone to give me my book and put my water where I can get it.  I want my purse in the bed, since it is the only safe place for my cell phone--feels like my survival machine. 

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