Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SPINE FUSION - rehab - Stayin' alive Part 2

More about "home alone."

My bedroom looks spacious because when I was able to do floor work, I left open space for my great exercise mat. Somehow one room holds: two file cabinets, a desk, an end table for drawer space and to hold a lamp.  (The spine problem was diagnosed before I moved here.  My daughter gave me or helped me choose things that don't require a lot of bending.)

At night, I roll my desk chair to bedside, and use it for a night stand - there's a basket complete with flashlight, a little Tylenol, ear plugs, maybe some lotion, etc.  I like a flashlight when I have to get up at night, instead of turning on the bright light.   The walker is right beside the foot of the bed, in case I don't get my land legs right away.

With The Grabber, I'll be able to pull the covers up more or less neatly for daytime, though it's not a photo oppportunity.

I've liked my shoes on the floor, so I could just slip into them.  But I do own two shoe hanging bags with open-end compartments so all shoes are visible and not so dusty.

My daughter got me these wonderful compartments that hang on the closet rod.  I can see all the undies, tee shirts, etc. so no need for a chest of drawers (couldn't reach the bottom drawers anyway.)

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