Wednesday, April 6, 2016

HOW DOES YOUR DOCTOR TALK TO YOU? What your doctor should ask... What to say to your doctor.

On April 5, in their e-mail MedicineMatters, Mt Sinai mentioned that medical students toured the hospital "Learning to Give Compassionate Care."

The key word in the mention was ' "tell me more"  messages." '

By a happy coincidence, I had just had a first visit with my new doctor.  I said I wondered if it was time for my blood sugar test...(I was really there to see if I would like him at all).  He said it wasn't quite time for the test.  Then he won my heart!

He asked:  What else is going on?

The perfect words.  In all the current patter about patient engagement, there is no better key a doctor can use than those.  I unloaded my current tormenting problem that I think is the eyelid disease (horrid Demodex mites.)

He asked me to describe the symptoms - I was so amazed that I had trouble putting the just plain icky symptoms into words.

Then he said he would refer me to an ophthalmologist in their group.

He asked some other questions, like why does my oncologist monitor some meds and tests, and I gave him a bit of info on that.

No judging, no contradicting what's been done so far.  Just kind questions.

Does your doctor do that?  If not, what to do?  Long ago my California doctor told me firmly:
 "It is important to be heard."

And I had gotten up the nerve to tell a certain surgeon in mid-rambling: 

"I need to speak."  

 Those four words spoken without anger did wonders. 

You can practice them in front of the mirror if you like.  If they don't work, you can do what we sometimes have to do.  Say goodbye.

I wish you health.

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