Thursday, April 28, 2016

BEFORE YOU WALK FOR CANCER, Demand full disclosure!! 4 Questions to Ask... A RANT

1. How much money raised from the walk will go to breast cancer programs?

 Get it in writing!  

 You should receive something (you know, written) that says how many DOLLARS.  Or an exact percentage of ALL proceeds.

this goes for events and prize meetings, too

2. What breast cancer programs will the walk fund?

Will it all go for more talk events and ads, or will real live women be helped?

Even hospital programs get sidetracked into publicity sometimes

3. Do the walk’s sponsors increase women’s risk of breast cancer?

 There are websites including one for safe makeup and personal products.  Now I believe one even exposes household products.

I once bought (and returned) an exercise mat that California had judged full of cancer-causing chemicals and ingredients.  Now I "beware" before I buy.

4. Does the walk present a one-sided picture of breast cancer that leaves some women out?

 Every time I go on twitter, I remember my sisters with metastises, and I remember the new research that suggests I may not be safe from it, even after the surgery and radiation and good old Tamoxifen. 

Am I next?  Will the organization I walked for help me?

I wish you health.

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