Tuesday, April 19, 2016

COFFEE BREAK Does Dr talk really affect us?

My new doctor seemed surprised to see me the other day; he thought we were going to do labs, and told me which ones he likes to do every three months or so.

I told him I had made an appointment with my eye surgeon (instead of his referral)  for my suspected eye problem.  He urged me to go ahead with that.

I spoke to him about some of my stresses.  He asked me why I don't look at the bright side. I told him that a turning point was the day I first saw him, when he asked:  What else is going on?  Showed me another MD in my new state values the patient viewpoint.

He looked again at my file update he was holding - (he likes patients to fill out their main ills and hurts at each appointment.)   Then he said some new magic words: 

You're good.

And I said "For my age..." 

And he said: "Not for your age.  You're good."

And I thought--Wow he thinks I'm healthy, at least sorta healthy.  Off to the lab where the lab tech and I laughed a lot.

The next morning the nurse called to say:

You are no longer in danger of diabetes!  

No diet? Just keep doing what  you've been doing.  (Wow, I do know how to take care of myself!)

Went to the eye doctor, got a list of to-do at home.  Also an Rx that made me call the pharmacist twice in a mild panic.  Pharmacist said cut open the capsule and stir the medicine into a mashed banana.  Panic stopped.

Today, thinking of that week of modern medicine, I thought: Yes, I am pretty healthy.  And all those people helped me move to more health.

The punch line:  For some contrary reason, the idea that I'm pretty healthy makes me determined to take even better care of myself.

I wish you health.

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