Friday, March 25, 2016

Physical Therapy - Graduation Day Self-congratulations

Yes, I did get a certificate of completion, some congrats and a hug.

What really counted was seeing my scores for this spring.  On the first day, as I've mentioned, my score was so low (compared to 50 points) that the notation said I should use a walker!

Then a few weeks ago, my count had improved to about 40 of 50 possible points

And on graduation day, after another complete re-eval, my score stood at 49 of  50, and my therapist said I can do everything they would expect of someone 16 years younger than I am.  I enjoyed telling my daughters about that.

 I did leave knowing they would prefer I climbed the  odd stairs to my apartment with my trusty cane still in hand.  (I did start this whole course of PT with the aim to go DOWN stairs without panic.  Or go down certain stairs at all.)

But when I got back to the apartment, the support and the practice made me grab the cane and do the funny, lumpy backless stairs without worry.

That's the result of PT that helps on every level.  Demand it for you.

I wish you health.

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