Tuesday, March 8, 2016


My beloved primary doctor is moving. 

I felt so lucky when a friend suggested I try her.  At that point I wasn't really recovered from saying good bye to some great doctors in CA. 

This doctor has tracked down a few things I didn't know were wrong with me, and taken action to help me with them.  She even found some new meds for my endless respiratory allergies, discovered that I'm pre-diabetic (and gave me simple rules that allowed me to drop about 8% of my weight.)  And ordered the first bone scan of my life, starting me through mountains of research before I had that first Prolia shot.

But mostly, she has been a friend, a respectful friend.  A kind, caring friend. 

I've just been pretending she's not leaving.  But in less than a week, I have to send a goodbye letter, and try to make an appointment with the local doctor she's suggested.  It feels like climbing a mountain. 

The friend who suggested her a couple of years ago, didn't know of the move.  Told me she has never been sick since I've been going to Dr. S.

This brings up that uncomfortable topic:  Am I taking care of myself? 

Physical therapy, yes.  Too much sitting (even with the recent move) yes.  Sometimes eating what's in the fridge instead of what I should go and get?  Yes. 

And of course there's the recent stress of the move (or any move.)  So:

I actually tried something from The Immune Power Personality.  Sat myself down and wrote about a particular trauma.

Also, an idea from the same book, I'm working on making my life better, based on learning what I really want.

What do you do, when part of your support system is disappearing?  Let me know.

I wish you health. 

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