Friday, March 18, 2016

BC AND: STUDIES SHOW? Prove it! (A rant)

This can be the afternoon coffee break (and I'll need a coffee break after I rant  again about this pet peeve.)

Since I moved, the periodicals deluge is temporarily smaller.  This gave me time to pay attention, again, to the possibly "helpful info" in a mag I've been ranting on for years.

This month, again, Health was featured.  One sentence mentioned that its topic  has been published in a major medical-focus journal. The rest of the advice falls into the "studies show because we say so" pile. 

I admit being interested in one medicine they mentioned that I rarely take any more.  But my job is to look it up on line or ask a doctor if the threatened dangers have been proved.

This is our bodies, our brains we're talking about here.  Are the writers talking about lousy, careless, demonstrably faulty studies?  How did they even find the studies?  Or was there no specific study?

If I took medical advice from strangers on a bus, this wouldn't bother me.  But:

If the study is wrong, advising us to believe it is wrong.

If the study is great, its scientists deserve credit, complete with their credentials.

Round files and delete keys are safe places (yes I repeat) for uncredited "studies." 

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