Friday, January 8, 2016

PROLIA - too late to turn back. Probably.

Friday after dark.  Medical offices closed.  I didn't cancel the Prolia appointment.  I have a ride, as the primary doctor and the internet advised.

My doctors put so much gentle energy and time into reassuring me.  And lately I've learned that We can't know how we'll feel about something until it's here.

I feel like a sissy when I think of other women's diseases.  But I also feel that plenty of caution and investigation about Prolia was the mature approach to the whole thing.

Today's joke:  I just paid a fortune for a tiny vial of eye antibiotic, and although I haven't opened it yet, my eye feels better.  (Except for the unfortunate, unpleasant new bifocal lens prescription, that is.)

When I look up a med in the Rx formulary (insurance word for how much we're going to charge you if we let you use this stuff) I always think of the people who are taking all the other meds in there that I've never needed.

I wish you health.

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