Thursday, January 14, 2016

PROLIA SHOT- So easy I could almost forget what strong stuff it is. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL

Thursday, January 14th

Off to oncologist
1:15 Pay my Medicare deductible
1:30  Blood pressure (not high considering I'm nervous).  Weight
Nurse assures me I want this in "your gut" as in front of my stomach.  "Everyone wants it there because it doesn't hurt as much."
Proceed to chairs in tiny corner across from Infusion Dept. desk
She hands me a tiny cylinder, about 1/90th of what I expected. "Hold this.  Keep it warm."

Five minutes later, she's back.  Tells me to pull up my sweater.  First time I've ever displayed my bare midriff in a doctor's hallway, with a somebody's hairy son sitting right up against my knee.

It doesn't hurt at all.  Over in 2 seconds.  No bandage.  Nothing. She tells me I don't need to sit and wait to see if I'm allergic (unlike the flu shot).

Home again.

Yes, it would be easy to say I'll do this every 6 months.  Not so sure. I still remember all the research I did on possible side effects.  Effects my oncologist has never seen.  Still, I might want a little
vacation to get my osteoblasts and so forth back to normal, before I get another shot in 6 months.

Anyway, time to thrash that out next summer.

I wish you health.

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