Saturday, November 28, 2015

Amazing Places to Exercise

If we don't have an exercise buddy, we might skimp on those exercises where we can't go out and show off our aerobics gear.  But just plain standing too long, like in the checkout lane (where they should show movies to avoid rioting) is not good for you.  So you're trapped in the market and know the danger of coming home without peanut butter and scones.  Don't waste those minutes, exercise (watch out for the customer behind you.) Or, for instance:

Waiting in line at the meat and cheese counter.  Excellent place for back and side leg lifts for osteo hip issues and balance issues (watching out for other customers.)  Don't try to lift your foot 18 inches at a time.

Squat correctly with buns protruding:  The part that saves your spine is 'buns protruding' not tucked in.  A friend of mine paid a trainer $300 to learn that one thing.  Okay, you may have to do this in the ladies' room if you're that modest.  But practicing these squats saves people from falling.  So BE DARING , save your spine and squat with buns out instead of bending to reach the no-sugar muffin mix on bottom shelf. This squat can also be done at home when a bunch of blueberries rolls under the edge of the kitchen counter.

Even after my lumbar fusion, when the doctor went overboard telling me not to lift, he did tell me to stretch, and putting a glass on the very top shelf is the #1 stretch.  In fact, I suspect now that I should have been doing a lot more exercises that he didn't seem to allow.

When you get a little more confident on the sideways walk, you can do it a lot in the grocery store.  I do it up and down an aisle,just searching for my favorite food that they've moved.

Waiting in the exam/consult room at doctor's office.  There's a sturdy counter there to help with toe-to-heel, also sideways walk, and other balance exercises.  (Don't skip toe-to-heel.  Remember, if you have a little fender-bender or do something very unexpected in the car, you may have to get out and walk a straight line.)

In horrid staff meetings or conferences where people sit in rows.  The person at the podium is trying to find out who's texting.  Now's your chance to do some seated foot or leg lifts.  At least practice pressing your shoulders to the back of the chair and holding your gut in. Quiet, unobtrusive deep breath or two, and you're caught up on some very healthy moves.

I wish you health.

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