Friday, November 13, 2015

NEW WAY TO STUDY CANCER DRUGS - Will BC be in Sloan Kettering basket studies soon?

I had never heard of basket studies until I ran into them on Sloan Kettering twitter.See twitter November 4    and click for basket studies and Sloan Kettering. I checked today (Nov 15 already.. It's still available)

Basket studies are very new.  This is the quick description I got from the Thursday, August 20, article on the MSKCC site;  
  • Basket studies focus on a tumor’s gene mutation regardless of type. 

Or:  A clinical trial shows that a drug focused on a single genetic mutation can be effective across multiple cancer types — although blocking the mutation does not guarantee success.

Oncologist David Hyman put it in a way I might remember:  "what works in different tumor types."  

The twitter pictographs shows BC as included in the "basket,"

But the accompanying paragraph indicates other cancers as the ones getting help from the drug in the current clinical trial.

However, the pictograph makes me guess that BC may be in a future basket.  So we need to keep an eye on these basket studies.  .

This is one of many articles and trials that remind me of what Lisa Carey, MD, of Chapel Hill said in Hot Topics BC about some BC cells looking a lot like other cells.. 

I guess we stay tuned for more.  I wish you health.

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