Wednesday, April 22, 2015

TAMOXIFEN - Help for foot pain


Everything hurts.  Again.  But sore feet are in the lead.  Luckily, some other victim's blogs told me Tamox could make feet swell and burn.  I figured the ache was just one more Tamox ache.

I started the day massaging my poor feet with more than my usual drop of the podiatrist's very expensive foot pain cream. (For crying out loud, I don't spend that much on skin potions and cosmetics.)

A couple of times, when I've wondered if that was too strong, I've massaged my feet with Traumeel - ask your doctor (if you can find it in US.)  Also, another podiatrist a year or so ago prescribed a custom cream to massage feet.  It had two ingredients, and cost about 1/3 as much as I just spent.   Again, ask your doctor.

Yesterday I spent more than an hour with the orthotics specialist, (You probably know that orthotics are various comfort items that go inside the shoe.)

For custom ones, the specialist makes a cast of your foot and designs metatarsal support and whatever you need into a special pad.)  The specialist I see kindly tries everything possible to avoid the custom ones, which Medicare does not pay for if you're not diabetic.

He also gave me a name, AETREX.  They have memory foam in shoes.

It was my second appointment.  I had given up for awhile because
a) my feet are an unusual shape (okay, sometimes called Duck Feet) and
b) Tamoxifen as I mentioned also makes my feet swell at unpredictable times of day.
I had been thinking only of custom orthotics, and wondered how he would know what size to make them? For my morning size feet or afternoon size?  Aargh.

Yesterday, he stretched two pairs of shoes in the toe area for more toe room.  The white "active" shoes, however, are too wide for the rest of my foot.  He sent me home with some ready made orthotics and mentioned that they would break in.

I went for a few-block walk with them in the shoes last night, and the orthotics seemed to push the shoes even wider!  I need shoes that fit my feet!  (If  you're as old as I am, do you remember when there were narrow-heel shops and combination-last shoe sizes?)

Anyway, today, despite the pain, I climbed the library stairs wearing them, and did my marketing. They don't feel better.  They don't feel good at all.

 Back to the drawing board.

The other pair he also stretched in the toe area,  I haven't walked anywhere in them yet.  They are a little dowdy for my taste, but with more padding at my ankle bone .. maybe okay.  I wouldn't be thrilled to wear them to a wedding,

I hate to take Tylenol in the daytime, but this might be the day.

In any case, if your feet are a more regular shape, some extra-thick padding for inside the shoes (CVS has some - it has a white layer and a buff layer,)  This foot pain stuff takes more trial-and-error than the invention of the automobile.

I wish you health.  And some comfort.

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