Thursday, September 19, 2013


 RAPE ON CAMPUS Tougher Policies. . . RE MSN News today:

 My alma mater was absent from the names of universities with new task forces aiming to institute the new campus rape policy by the spring deadline.  With a leading medical school hospital, wouldn't you think my school would be on this? 

Do you think the parents of students do or don't read news items like this?  Including dads at work looking at them?

Rape is a health issue, as well as a safety issue.  

If I were about to pay for an education for a daughter, might I not be looking at issues like this before I encourage my daughter to choose her college?

If I'm a young woman choosing a college, shouldn't my  choice schools have a highly visible position on women's safety that I can see and hear about?  Shouldn't my choices all have publicized their new rape task forces?  Isn't it the school's responsibility to stress their female student safety?  Especially if I am coming from a town where I have always felt bulletproof, and have no self-defense skills?

I am embarrassed that my college and my political party aren't talking about this.

Please let me know what you think.

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