Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Sign I Want to Tear Down

I just read an article by Vineet Arora, MD, (The Broken Window.. .) on Kevin, MD.  One paragraph reminded me of something I always intended to blog about, or give a public demonstration (noisy) about:

The signs on memorial medical buildings  ( and some other medical buildings) that strike gloom in my heart.  Signs, often carved in stone, like:


In all seriousness, with apologies where needed, isn't the message: Sam went to these doctors, and he died.  Why do I want to go here? 
It might as well say:  Abandon Most Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

In other life circumstances, we don't usually see buildings that say in stone:

Smith and Witherspoon, Bankruptcy
Maxwell, and Earhardt, Divorce since 1889

Most of us grew up in an age when cancer was likely to be a death guarantee.   There is a place where a beloved doctor of mine had an office for awhile.  I was not going to him for cancer, but I hated that Cancer Center sign.

If you were giving massive sums for a new medical building, what would you call it?  What about:
Meredith Smith Vital Health Building

Regina Maxwell Healing Building

What do you think?  Please let me know.

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