Friday, August 16, 2013

SPINE FUSION . . . things I needed, one that no one talks about

 From diagnosis to that ambulance ride in the darkness; from the day I left that hospital with a walker to the day I left rehab; and until now, there were things that could have made the months better and safer. 

First a confession.  As I may have mentioned, before diagnosis, I did something foolish while taking apart a drafting table.  I needed someone with common sense to say STOP! 

After that, I needed a platform in the trunk of my car that would have avoided dangerous bending and lifting.  I could lift my trunk lid; I can't lift the hatches on late model SUVs.  But the bottom of the trunk was a problem.

I needed, and will always need, chairs that are not too big for me.  Luckily, at home, I had my "posture chair" that let me rest and an ottoman to put my feet up.  I had an adjustable desk chair, but it was too much pushing and pulling to get it near the desk in thick carpet.

I had good closets in the hills and later in the valley, but it still took unhealthy and forbidden bending to get my laundry off the floor and to get anything I dropped.  After rehab, I had someone to do my laundry, but she never quite "got it" that if she left something on a low shelf, I might not be able to get it until her next visit.

I needed a guardian angel to tie my good walking shoes, so I wore out my glossy leather clogs instead.   I still can barely tie the oxfords without too much bending--a struggle.

I needed a fridge and washer and dryer at waist height. 

But there is no gadget for something that is still a slight problem - the home equivalent of the pedicure!  The simple act of being able to reach down safely and take care of my toenails!  Got solutions?  Contact me at once!

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