Sunday, August 4, 2013

Protecting Babies' Eyes!

I have a cataract I try diligently to protect from getting larger.  One has already been removed.  Each day as I walk with my UV protected glasses under heavy dark sunglasses, I see mothers wearing sunglasses pushing fair-skinned babies who are in the sun with no hat and no sunglasses.  The shade top on the carriage or stroller, if there is a top, is rarely used.  I long to give the moms a lecture, a scolding, or something. 

When I had babies, we didn't know about the sunglasses, and often babies were in the sun.  Sun hats were rare. Sun worship was in.  Then I grew up and learned about cataracts. My daughter grew up and found the sunglasses for her baby.

Today I searched this topic on the web.  The first doctors'  articles mentioned babies born with vision problems, also lots of cures.  NO mention of protection from the sun.  There were plenty of ads for baby sunglasses.

Before I gave up, I found this:

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