Thursday, July 11, 2013


Danea Horn's post on KevinMD's Patient section was right on time for me.  I read the secrets she hasn't told her doctor, and realized I haven't told all either.  And haven't asked all.  I just found a section of the Hiatal Hernia pamphlet that I had never read!  And discovered bending is just as much of a problem for my GI health as it is for spine fusion "graduates."   A reminder not only to change my posture, but more important:
I didn't ask my primary doctor OR my GI doctor at home enough questions when I found I had the hiatal hernia.

In general, my primary doctor at home knows all my secrets, as far as I know, but I may have rushed past some current things in appointments during the zillion decisions about the spine problem.

Now I'm hundreds of miles from him, and my job - which seems impossible- is finding doctors I trust enough in this state so I don't keep secrets that are dangerous to me. 

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