Sunday, July 14, 2013


Baby Bear goes to the library to study.  She climbs up on the hard wooden chair.  Her feet don't reach the floor.  Her legs start to hurt.  There is a tall  guy next to her.  His feet reach the floor.  He is happy.

 She shops for furniture for her apartment.  All the chairs are too tall.  Her feet do not reach the floor.

She goes to her doctor's office for a checkup.  All the chairs in the waiting room are the same size.  Her feet do not reach the floor.  In the examining room is an unmatching chair.  It is just her size.  She is happy.  The doctor is very busy, so they don't discuss the chairs, or the second patch of purple broken capillaries on the back of her leg.

One day she is at a meeting.  She feels her feet swelling and kicks off her Mary Janes.  A woman nearby is a nurse.  The nurse says:  if your feet swell, it's not your shoes, it's the chair! 

Baby Bear goes home and looks up Mayo Clinic website that tells her to pick a chair that allows her to rest her feet flat on the floor while her knees are level with her hips, and if necessary, prop  her feet up with a footstool or other support. 

Fat chance, says Baby Bear.  She wonders if doctors think of short people when they pay for the chairs in their waiting rooms.  She wonders why hospitals don't know this about chairs.  She wonders who designs this one-size-doesn't-fit furniture.  And why?

If Baby Bear doesn't say more on this later, I definitely will.

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