Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lumbar spine injury - What I needed part 2

Long ago when women were typists, they got a chair and a table.  Too high?  Too low?  Too bad.  Keep typing.

But then an executive learned to type.  And there was science.  A magic device lifted the massive typewriter to typing height.  When it had to be put away (to hide the fact that he did his own typing) the magic device put the typewriter away. 

After much searching, I now finally found  the device that lifts the jumbo electric food mixer to counter height.  I didn't, and don't,  have two big guys for the demanding installation, and I was living in a place that didn't have the very essential shape and height of base cabinet.  Most places don't.

If I had been in a wheelchair, I could have used more than one such lifter.  Or two different models.  I could still use one.

Why are they not more common? Not everyone needs the power to lift the jumbo mixer, just things or shelves we can't bend down for.  People who already have motion limits NEED "the right stuff" to stay out of hospitals.

If we're going to live to 95, we need equipment that considers us.

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