Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SPINE FUSION - how on earth to get comfortable

Tired of ranting for the moment, thought I'd talk comfort.  Ever since I was diagnosed, I've depended on my "posture chair."  It's called AGEN from Ikea. The fairly straight back is canted slightly back to give me a rest.

My new dentist has a great chair with no mystery lumps (some CA dentists bought chairs with a lump where someone thinks we need one.  I had to carry a fat pillow with me for survival.)

I'm getting to the point, here:  comfy things in strange places:
There was a catalog on the family table last week from a place called Magellan's.  I only opened it because I read everything that will hold still and some things that won't.  It's about travel supplies.

Until my diagnosis, I thought travel supplies were gas, car air, and/or much closer airports.  I learned after surgery that a wheelchair flight does not mean you sit in the wheelchair; you get the same dumb seat as everyone else.

In this mag was a section called customized comfort.  I was looking for a sticker shock, having recently priced a stand/sit desk. 

Instead I found Business Class foot rest that is so thick, even I might get thru a flight without my feet sticking out in front of me like the comedy sketch woman.  And inflatable seat cushion, and luxe inflatable lumbar cushion.  And each thing (you do have to blow them up a bit) was under $30 dollars.  On the next page was a seat cushion that you don't have to blow up.  Under $40 dollars.  Imagine. You can spend more on another page for a different lumbar cushion.   I think I'm supposed to say here that you ask your doctor about these. 

Anyway, any of these things looks more comfy than a certain wheelchair ...well, there I go into ranting again.   Just take care of yourself.  And look for comfort where you don't expect it.

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