Monday, May 27, 2013

SPINE FUSION - protecting my whole spine

This strange construct the surgeon put in was a surprise to the adjoining vertebrae.  When I fell after moving here, an X-ray suggested the "new" engineered spine is okay.  Am I considered completely healed by now?  Don't know.  It's been a bit over six months, and I don't have real pain for more than a second or two, usually no pain.

I'm still trying to be careful bending, but since it often doesn't hurt . . . face it, my nature is to get careless with common tasks.

This morning I walked for about an hour, away from traffic.  I take the cane, but use it very little.  Kept repeating my slogans:  " My stomach muscles are my bandage."  "Lean back and look under your glasses; don't lean over toward the pavement."  "Push shoulder blades together." 

Sometimes something still hurts a bit--then if I'm indoors, I tell myself to lean against the door jamb and check my posture.  I remember that many people my age hurt even with normal spines.

Yesterday I practiced going without cane from the far end of the parking lot to the coffee shop (talk about motivation) and faced how timid I can be walking in grass and off curbs.

I don't do stairs without the cane and a handrail that allows a firm grasp.

Now I have 3-pound dumbbells.  Strange for the woman who used to swing her heavy suitcase into the overhead on planes.  I'm in the "posture chair" with my back supported when I use them, so far.

Two years ago, I lived alone by choice, and thought nothing of it.  Now I don't go outside without a phone.
A year ago, I swore I would never use a cane.  Surprise.

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