Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SPINE FUSION - what I did wrong

One doctor said it would take me a year to recover--no wonder I hesitated about the surgery until I had no choice.  I'm please with the results but. . .

I let recuperating take over my life.  I became the convalesence.  If a PT wanted me to spend four hours waiting for her, I did.  If she told me not to go to the laundry room area, I didn't. 

When the visiting nurse insisted my daughter rush me back to the surgeon because my incision was red, we spent the whole afternoon finding out my incision was fine. 

I neglected my dental health, my eating habits, my eyesight, and my GI concerns and annual tests.  Yes, I needed to do my exercises and watch my back support. 

But the spine obsession was fear, lack of confidence, and not deciding when I needed to rest and recover versus when I needed to do what I could do.

Recently I saw a phrase that hit me right between the eyes, "No need to be less than you are now."

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