Thursday, January 17, 2013

SPINE FUSION - wish list rooms, essential tools, etc

Even before rehab, there was the no-bending rule.  If something fell on the floor, it was lost for a time.  I knew this would be tough at home, and learned to fasten the brace securely to the walker.

On to my rehab room.  Below the tall glass area was a room-long ledge at hip height.  I could reach books, the tools like sock-putter-oner, and presents and my plant. I was wishing there was such a ledge at home.  At least I had a shelf set where I could reach a couple top shelves.

Why do you care?  At home, some things can help you.

A Do-able Safety Must
  For instance - though I didn't get to use it, the bathroom in rehab had a no-boundaries open shower area with a place to sit.  If you're reading this, it's a bit late to install one at home, so. . .the "telephone shower."

Even the cheapest motel I ever stayed in had a hand-held shower.  Easy and cheap, it's a safety miracle so we don't have to turn constantly and try to grab for support with soapy hands.  One in my bath in the valley would have made the shower chair so much more useful.  Once, my daughter actually installed a hand-held shower into the old wall-mount hardware in my apartment in the hills.  Someone can do that for you. 

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