Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SPINAL FUSION - Just going to the hospital or already there?

If you can get to a computer or tablet or a visitor has one, read the SICK AGAIN article on NBC news, especially the findings of the Yale doctor.    Ask your doctor if he's read it.  Tell him you will need your sleep and maybe something to eat. 

I was one who left the surgery hospital lacking sleep and having eaten very little.   A large multicolor screen for meds and other records flashed in my eyes all night every night after surgery.  The door was left wide open to the over-lit hall even by people I had asked once not to leave it open.  I could not sit up enough to get to most of my food, and I was too tired and medicated to realize how little I ate.  A friend fed me a few bites one day.  Someone brought the trays,  then split. 

This was a well-known local hospital.  We deserve to go on to rehab or nursing home rested and fed as well as we can tolerate, don't we?

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