Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SPINAL FUSION - 4 months into recovery

I had no idea what to expect at four months.  The home nurses and home visit PTs told me the stiffness in the legs would go away.  It comes right back if I sit even a bit too long at this hard chair at the computer.

 Today I walked the whole Logrun Circle and a bit more with the cane - but didn't need the cane. No weakness in the legs. 

I still get very tired sometimes -- especially after a session of re-learning to drive. (And this is in a newer car.)  I haven't driven alone since July because the spine problem really messed with the nerves to my brake pedal leg.  The doctor and that nurse I met in the market both warned me about good days and bad days.

I can get things out of the bottom drawer or out from under the bed by getting down on my knees.  Usually I know I can get back up.  And I always do get back up. 

I get a lot of things out of the dishwasher or washing machine by squatting to avoid bending, and I have real fears of what this is doing to my not-young knees.  The grabber is indispensable to cut down on squatting. 

The last few days I've been able to lace my walking shoes without Herculean effort and without thinking I've done myself damage.

Of course, there's the psychology of looking so old with the cane. . . ego.

Remember:  this is only one person's experience.  Others at four months after fusion may be out chopping wood for all I know. 

I wish you all well.

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