Monday, April 1, 2019


This is not an April fool!

After I stopped Tamoxifen at the end of February, life got way too busy, and I didn't have time to feel abandoned, uncovered, unprotected, or anything.

When the shoulder  and back of neck pains started, I couldn't remember anything quite like that when I was taking too much Tamox.  I did remember finally that years ago in rehab, they said that even my purse was too heavy to wear on my shoulder.  Now I'm learning to carry groceries like we used to carry them in bags - sorta like carrying a baby.

Bottom line this far...I can't blame Tamox or leaving Tamox for anything.  (And yes, sometimes I still look right at my phone and can't see it, and I still leave my keys in dumb places as I did decades before I ever heard of Tamoxifen.)

I wish you health.

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