Friday, February 22, 2019

PART 3 WINDING DOWN tamox HOPE during and after.

What will I do for hope, comfort, protection after these last few days of Tamoxifen?   

A year or so ago, a Tulane U press release landed on my screen. And in my life. Reaching for Delete key (who are these people, anyway??)  I saw the name of the stuff that helps me resist BC tumors- Tamoxifen.  And I kept reading. 

It was about a study in  CANCER RESEARCH.   Tulane U  Circadian Cancer Biology Group had wondered
when Tamoxifen could work, and 
what could stop that work.  

Specifically if Tamoxifen can keep away BC tumors while we sleep, and if not, what might interfere?

THEY  put breast cancer tumors into some rats. First they tried rotating sleep periods of light and darkness for the rats.

Then, later, during the dark phases,  they gave rats a night-light, faint but enough to suppress melatonin. Melatonin when alone allowed growth of tumors.

The press release summed it up:

Tamoxifen caused dramatic regression...with

1  high levels of melatonin during complete darkness" or
2 with melatonin supplementation during dim light at night 

 "When lights are on and melatonin is suppressed, these breast cancer cells "wake up" and ignore Tamoxifen. 

So, what can I do with "high levels of melatonin (some added and some produced by my body in sleep) plus TOTAL DARKNESS FOR SLEEP?
I have more questions about this, but I knew I had to sleep with NO light to keep my body producing melatonin.  ( What about warnings I get not to take melatonin every night forever') 

My plan:

1. My daughter brought over some dark felt and made a pretty curtain to cover my  floor-to ceiling venetian blinds window.

2.   I got some melatonin. I have taken it at times in the past.    So maybe, I will even add some melatonin in case morning light defeats the felt curtain, and I need more sleep.

3. I even removed the kitchen night-light,

4. and finally shut the bedroom door tight. to keep out light from adjoining rooms.

Once, my boss's client announced
  her bedroom curtains must provide absolute darkness!
She had the money, and she got her wish
 That client was onto the wave of the future.

Now more and more people and groups advise sleeping in darkness. 

I wish you health.

Remember:  Do not buy any medicine without consulting your doctor.

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