Thursday, February 14, 2019


So, this last month of Tamoxifen is half over.  Developments:

My oncologist, at that last appointment when he was so hurried, ordered a chest Xray. He didn't even say why.  I think it was the follow-up after my mammo, which the mammo group urges for patients who have dense breasts. So I had the Xray Jan.10. 

It is now March.   The radiologist ( a stranger) has been paid by someone, and I owe a small amount for "not covered."

Yesterday, Feb.13, I had no more patience, called the hospital imaging dept..  They didn't seem to know about it.  (Actually I had a chance or two, years ago when I worked at CAP, to learn that hospital filing systems are not always systems.)  I got someone to look.  He called back an hour and a half later; said he found it and sent it to my doctor's office.

I called the doctor's office, finally got the desk that receives those results.  Then I had to talk her into getting someone to read the results right then.  Gold star to me for not losing my temper.    Finally the nurse read the results (since when do nurses do this?) and said it looks normal.

Yesterday had been a pile of paper to sort long before the x-ray fun.  I left the apartment for a few minutes.  When I came back, some sweet person had left me a candy cane on the door.  Changed my mood in a hurry (and I don't even eat candy.) 

PS  In my first days of Tamoxifen, before the dose was cut in half, I could never had handled a day like yesterday.  May the doctor who cut the dose have dozens of valentines!

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