Friday, April 21, 2017

FRAILTY -Your mom doesn't need it. Let's prevent it. - MIDNIGHT SPECIAL

 Frailty is probably defined differently by just about every one.  Someone I know whose arthritis is limited even some small pleasures has been considered frail.  Perhaps among many doctors it's when too many things stop working at once, enough to limit our getting around and taking any care of ourselves.

British Geriatric Society had an article on the 21st...

"Frailty is the most problematic expression of population ageing”

In which a geriatrician talked of what we must do.  The approach seemed very general and low on avoidance or prevention, to me.

OK, since it's my blog, I also need to say (again) when I was in college, glittering generalizations (as in not supported with facts) would get you an F.  No do overs..   I'm seeing articles on my pet subjects (aging is one, of course) that are loaded with generalizations and leave me knowing nothing new and nothing to do.

So I'm taking the liberty of sharing my reply to that geriatrician's article:

 Margaret Fleming on 22/04/2017 at 1:40 am said:W

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I need more of an overview, more specifics on what is frailty, and on why we have not been acting earlier (I’ve had two courses of PTh in the four years since lumbar fusion.) How we should be acting to prevent every bit as much as to treat.

Your comments to my thoughts here are welcome.
I wish you health.

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