Tuesday, April 4, 2017


#AACR17: Basket Trial for Experimental Drug Shows Promising Early Results

First, at this week's press conference: David Hyman, MD, from presented data from a phase II basket trial.

I'm going to quote heavily here from the article's intro to the story of SUMMIT phase 2 study.:

"Neratinib,  an experimental drug developed to target certain mutations that drive cancer growth, is showing promise for treating several types of cancer. The findings from a phase II study were presented at the 2017 AACR Annual Meeting."

" Basket trials are based on the idea that cancers originating in different parts of the body may carry the same genetic mutations.

  • Neratinib, the drug in this study, targets mutations in a protein called HER2. 
  • Researchers think the drug will work even better if it’s combined with other therapies".

  • (Not the same HER2 we've been thinking of in breast cancer.)

  • Breast Cancer, cervical cancer, and biliary cancer showed the best results - some tumors shrunk, some stopped growing.  Which leads us to a story from Dr. Robin Gillespie, a scientist who has taken the drug for two years!

    After chemo and having a lung removed, she had no other conventional choices.  She was tested for mutations that might qualify her for a clinical trial, she came to SK. 

    Metastatic since 2011:

    Her tumors have stopped growingShe has almost no side effectsShe can take the medicine as pills You might enjoy her study - and have a look at the whole article.
    I wish you health.


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