Thursday, January 19, 2017


You probably know I loved my PT in Texas.  The most important thing I learned is still what my mechanic used to say:

We're not 29 any more

Even if you are 29, I still suggest caution with most moves. Extra caution with new moves.

That said, I'm a fan of Mayo Clinic, often go there first for health questions.  But regretfully must say, the balance exercises I got today in email are not, not for beginners.  

My PTs and one podiatrist insisted:  anything like standing on one foot, and maybe leaning from side to side, even stepping left to right/right to left quickly...First, do it all at a counter so you can grab on instantly if balance isn't ballerina-perfect.  

(For those of us who are really impatient, you can do those at-the-counter things while you're waiting in the doctor's treatment/consult room in front of the mirror.)

 Trust me.   

If you're still impatient, say "balance" to your MD and maybe you'll get more PT from somebody good.  Someone like the super coach who took away my fear of going down stairs.

I wish you health.

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