Tuesday, December 20, 2016


This wonderful lesson in courtesy and accuracy! was on twitter with credit to Dr. Pamela Wible, MD,  I hope she will forgive me for passing it on.

It caught my eye partly because this is a season when I remember a work friend who died by suicide. Some abuse was heaped on his memory due to that very concept ("commit") and the time (Christmas.).

The list also got me because the statement "patient is non-compliant" usually makes me want to throw something and/or scream even when the speaker is not pointing at me.

As for health professionals, I flinch when a receptionist asks "Who's your PHP?"

And of course, Health Professional takes a couple more syllables, but my two main doctors deserve far more respect and praise than PCP.  And so do the others who take care of me.

So I"ll be watching my mouth instead of going with the slang (much as I love slang in other situations.)

I wish you health.


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