Saturday, June 4, 2016

CANCER - Making your own immunity? And a big clinical trial note

If you're not on Twitter, or missed it today, Sloan-Kettering had a simplified slide show you might enjoy:

"Not sure what Car T cell therapy is?  Watch and learn ..."

Just takes a coffee-break minute to watch.  If you find it too simplified, leave it on screen for somebody ...

This is not the first time I've heard of taking substances out of our bodies and putting them back in. We can inject a patient's own plasma-rich platelets for healing and for pain.
But Car T therapy is more than that.   Good visuals.

If you're not on Twitter, I also did find this by Googling

for more, see Sloan Kettering  "Karen's Story."

and PS:  MSK, in a press release/public info page said:
  • "We’re currently running nearly 100 immunotherapy-focused clinical trials."

I wish you health.

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