Friday, May 27, 2016

Bacteria worse than shape-shifters? Identity shifters? What not to do. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL

from STAT

"Superbugs for Dummies..."

This article is so clear - I learned a lot (scary and scary).  Exactly what can they do that other bacteria can't do?  That we don't want?

And I also salute the writer @HelenBranswell for giving us another elbow in the ribs:

We have to stop demanding antibiotics for diseases like colds, and
We have to stop accepting broad-spectrum antibiotics when a specific one is best and SAFER.
And another elbow about giving drugs to food animals is NOT just something we can forget.

We can't put these rotten bugs back in the bottle after they start to take over.

I think I picked this up first on Twitter.

I wish you health.

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