Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dana Farber on Hormone Positive BC - A midnight special

As you may remember, I don't always find Dana-Farber articles clear, and sometimes doubt how they fit with other famous hospitals' findings.

You may already know a lot on the hormone positive cancers from your own research.  Even so, if you missed this article today that I found on Twitter, you might check it out because there is a video on what's new with hormone positive BC.  Or a recorded speech or... something.  I'm moving and haven't read that part yet,

You knew I'd say ... check out another hospital or the leading MDs on TW to see if they all agree.

My DCIS was hormone positive for estrogen and progesterone, so I still take Tamoxifen.

That's all I have the energy for tonight.  It's yours, typos and all.

I wish you health.

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