Thursday, February 4, 2016

BACK TO PT -- the worst thing and the best COFFEE BREAK EDITION

Yesterday I went back to the same place for physical therapy.  This time I had requested, upper body, balance, and confidence on stairs.   I have more peripheral nerve problems now plus some leg fatigue and aches that started 2 weeks after Prolia.  What I always have are rather short legs for a 5'2 person.

The worst thing about the visit was a problem I have almost everywhere:

There is not a chair or bed that room that I can sit on without pain.

I filled out a bushel of paper work, most of it standing up, some of it balancing the clipboard on part of their equipment.  

The new PT is not going to be my best friend, I felt somewhat talked down to.  And she gave me some bad news.

The best thing:

On my purse, I had tied a length of bright yellow elastic used in the upper body workout I had expected.  A nurse or therapist, maybe from inpatient, came up to me when I was in the hall leaving. She teased me a little - "I want you to use that yellow tape at home, don't just take it home."  After a little chat, she showed me how to fasten the tape to a door knob or even (if I can reach) the top of the door.  She made me laugh and made me feel at home again there.

Two employees, same day.  Such a "small" thing made such a therapeutic difference.

I wish you health.

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