Monday, September 28, 2015

BC - Do you really need a pre-op MRI?

ON JAMA Network through Twitter:

Use of Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Breast Cancer  A Canadian Population-Based Study

I'm taking this from the study abstract:

Importance  Contrary to practice guidelines, breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is commonly used in the preoperative evaluation of women with breast cancer. While existing literature has found little benefit to MRI in most patients, potential downstream consequences associated with breast MRI are not well described."

I take that to mean:  nobody tells us the down side of taking this test.

"Conclusions and Relevance  Preoperative breast MRI use has increased substantially in routine clinical practice and is associated with a significant increase in ancillary investigations, wait time to surgery, mastectomies, and contralateral prophylactic mastectomies."

Do you need a test that can delay your surgery, trap you into additional tests, and urge an unnecessary mastectomy?  

There has been more on Twitter lately about over-testing.  I may be putting other links in from time to time.

I searched JAMA directly on Twitter today 9/24/15, and got directly to this study. May not work later.|article_engagement&utm_campaign=press_release&linkId=17296643  Today,9/28  this link did get me back to the article.

 Sorry, but you'll have to cut and paste.

I wish you health.

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