Saturday, November 22, 2014

WHAT'S APBI - part 2 of more than you may want to know about radiation

I find it hard to work through MD Anderson's website, but it inspired me to write about looking for info on APBI.  Here's the way I can usually get around the site. Google MD Anderson, sometimes the first Google choice says MD Anderson - Cancer Treatment.  Then on the site, I go immediately to the search box, and Type in radiation treatments.  If you get that, read the two types; then if you pick "accelerated" from the menu, you will get another page with info on APBI.  Or you may want to look at all the choices.

Yes, you can go to MD Anderson, type APBI and get the pretty picture and menu.  I didn't try backing up from that page to the preceding page with the explanatory material and the two types of radiation explained - you may already know that part.

For me, the most snarl-free route is just to copy the link below into my browser.

MD Anderson can explain things clearly once I find what I'm looking for.   But of course, other leading cancer hospitals may have other treatments that are used in new standards of care.  And conversely, other hospitals may not use treatment MD Anderson uses.  You can ask your favorite oncologist for places to find reliable, readable info on the specific treatments for your cancer.

I wish you health.

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