Sunday, November 16, 2014

FEET HURT: SPINE FUSION OR TAMOXIFEN OR . . . as if we didn't have enough to worry about

It's very cold here, probably where you are, too.  I've been wearing so many clothes and so many covers, that I'm not moving around much when I sleep -- waking up a couple of days ago with slightly swollen feet.

For months, I've been making my own metatarsal pads and taping them to the bottoms of my feet to avoid foot pain - whether it's arthritis or so far, WHO KNOWS.

The physical therapist told me weeks ago that my socks were too tight . . .well, she was right.  But I need socks.  It's almost freezing here, for one thing.

Then at WalMart (no, I don't get paid for this)  I found something wonderful.  At least they're wonderful so far:  MED PEDS.  These socks (the ones I found) are not quite as tall as I'd like, but they have a sort of mesh knit around the tops that looks like any other socks, but is very gentle on the circulation.  And today, in a fit of daring, I just wore the MED PEDS in my old walking shoes (thunder storms forecast) and didn't need the metatarsal pads!  The soles of these socks are padded in two places.  Don't know why it works, but today it worked.

If you look around, you may find some that are a little taller, like crew socks.

I wish you health

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