Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A notice I read this morning reassures me:

For eleven years now, there's been what I would call a symposium on breast cancer--experts presenting material on possible controversies in breast cancer practice.  There is also an online reprise, and NPs, PAs, and many others including pharmacists, "and any other healthcare professionals interested in the treatment of breast cancer are invited to participate."

That last part is what caught my attention, because I read yesterday about conflicts in an area of health design because "specialists can be territorial."  So "other healthcare professionals. . . are invited to participate" is heartening.   This is the first of these meetings that I've checked out, so maybe that universal invitation is typical.

Since I lately went to a lunch/talk by an oncology pharmacist, now I know that she, too, can get this free continuing education.

Of course, it's voluntary.  And I'll never know if a particular nurse absorbed it all, or even tried.  

But it felt like a plus as I read about it.  We do our best with our own research, but we hope that somebody may know something newer, better.

Be well.

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