Saturday, April 26, 2014

DCIS . . . neglecting the other 95% of me

Starting with the callback for more mammos, DCIS and the C word just seemed to eat my life.  When I say that out loud, someone usually answers:  I know.  It does.  

I had left my spine surgeon in L.A., and the spine problem had eaten my life there for six or eight months, including not being able to drive to any doctors. 

Now I've come up for air and realized how much has been neglected.  The dentist's future plans and mine have yet to coincide.  My feet hurt, I know I need a podiatrist.  Learning to eat without soy; giving up milk for stomach health.  And remnants of tendinitis were the icing on the cake. Oh, and that little diagnosis of migraine.

At least I don't need to use the cane anymore.

I remember being hopeful and happy before the lumpectomy, and usually energetic during the radiation weeks.  Well, except for that first day of the '"boost."  I did see the dentist right before radiation started, partly because he was sending me reminders all the time.

Then, before I even got to meet the medical oncologist, I had the nasty sinus thing that was sending people to bed around here.  Slowly the energy started to fade.  The oncologist gave me a couple more weeks to heal the sinuses, start Tamoxifen.

I still don't know if Tamoxifen is what slows down my energy.  And what I read about its side effects makes me know I have to find an OB/GYN who knows the latest findings and can consider my history.

I don't think I have fuzzy thinking, but the lack of energy, the dreariness, bothers me.  I may just have been trying to do too much, making up for lost time.

And the per cent I'm sure I've neglected is the psychological part of me, what used to make me energetic, what used to make me brave.  And sometimes proud.

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