Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SPINE FUSION the thing I feared happens

What I feared most happened:  I fell the other night, just into the fifth month of recovery.  Scary.  I could get up, but didn't  want to fall again, so I crawled back to my room and into bed. 

The next morning I left a message at the surgeon's office.  Later in the day, I e-mailed him, and he sent back that if it still hurt Monday, I should have an x-ray and send it to him.  I felt good the first couple of days, Monday not so good:  leg pain that I associate with my spine.

This morning, I'm waiting to hear from my local MD that the x-ray order from the surgeon is here. 

Why is it more scary waiting for the x-ray than after the fall?   Maybe I was relieved that I was so comfortable.  Maybe I was hiding from the idea of danger then. I know I neglected this blog.

Why do I tend to expect the worst?  I'm not a doctor.  The x-ray may find me in pretty good shape.  Maybe.

Later:  my renewed resolutions for taking care of this spine.

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