Thursday, February 28, 2013

SPINE FUSION - after the worst, my resolutions

Since I fell last week, I haven't been feeling great.  Scary. X-rays yesterday; don't know if they'll get them to my CA surgeon by tomorrow afternoon.

I keep repeating that my stomach (holding it in) is my bandage
I take my cane everywhere, which wasn't always necessary before
I don't even cross my room at night without the cane
Calcium w magnesium is on my shopping list for today or Friday
I even took a vitamin pill
And I check my posture even at the keyboard - not easy when I'm concentrating hard

Yes, you say I should have been doing it this way all the time
Yes, you would never be careless
Yes, I admit I haven't conquered a lifetime of slouching; but what an incentive a fall can be

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