Thursday, September 23, 2010


As usual, the city looked into its crystal ball, noticed that I need to visit St. Joseph's for my annual test, and immediately scheduled street top dressing in front of my place.  And of course, on the whole street between here and the main road to the hospital.  A phone call about parking places for residents led to the run-around.

I found a place to park for today.   Waited for trucks.  Many trucks, no skim coat.  Finally found out they've cancelled all but the one small strip between me and my car.  Until when?  Nobody knows. 
Luckily, my local councilman now has a form for e-mail with such concerns (and brewing tantrums.)  I explained that I can't reschedule a ride 10 times while they decide when to do the street.  And I can't hitch-hike home from the hospital.   I'll let you know what (if) they reply.

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