Monday, September 20, 2010


Who ever dreamed that a bra would arrive by mail that looks like it is made to fit the ends of grocery store sandwich bread instead of an actual bust? And yet, there it was. And another drive to the USPS to return it.

Then, in desperation, I fell for the old "bra fitting" racket yet again! The phone call for appointment made me suspicious. But desperate people do desperate things. Drove to Glendale. The "fitter" imposter tossed a tape measure over my tee shirt near the waist, asked me what size I usually wear. I replied, "The wrong size. That's why I'm here."

She returned with three bras, two I'd already tried on twice at Macy's.
I showed her how the forth bra was smashing my unhappy bust. She told me to put on my tee shirt and see how good I looked! Back on the street in 12 minutes, with $1.25 left on the new parking gizmo.

Off to another store, saw one bra in the wrong size that looked as if my size might actually fit. They, of course, didn't have my size. And then to another town for Macy's. But Macy's doesn't carry that division of Playtex.

So I'm back to ordering on line again. This time I ordered two sizes in hopes one size will fit. I'm thinking of getting my own space at the USPS for my regular bra-returning trips.

As I may have mentioned, when I returned the "bread wrapper" style bra, I gave them a very complete inventory of the parts of me that it didn't fit. I used my inside writing voice, and did not call the manufacturer any names.

When the postman rings, if this one fits, I may share the style number. . .

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