Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't read vampires. I don't pick books because of the cover. And yet, I read Twilight because of the cover. What? It's a classy cover, okay?

Later a female friend who is not in her teens came to my desk wondering why women were reading this book about a teenager falling in love with a vampire. Mothers read this book. Even mothers of middle-aged women read it!

I say they read it because of every woman's secret wish. ( If this doesn't get me indignant mail...) Here goes: what woman wouldn't be secretly delighted if a guy who looks way better than Quasimodo has an uncanny way of showing up for the rescue whenever she's headed for a problem? Even a big problem. And the guy isn't a stalker, really. He's not a psycho, obsessive, or one of those You Will Love Me maniacs. A dream come true. Except for the biting thing.

And he's too gallant to beg for what he really wants because it's too dangerous for her. Silly boy. Like she's going to let this one get away. And he has millions of readers cheering for him.

Funny thing, after reading it, I always remembered the cover as just a red heart on the black background.

By the way, have you ever caught your lover, husband, or brother, or geometry teacher taking a peek inside this best seller? (Guys don't read this; he'll never know you told on him.)

No, what I really want to know is, would you have done what she did? For forever with Mr. Wonderful?

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k.gast said...

Not a question for jaded older readers like me. :-) I no longer believe in Mr. Wonderfuls, not even those in my beloved detective novels. (Except perhaps Andy Dalziel. I care you to read one of Reg Hill's books and not fall in love with Andy, although
not romantically, heaven knows!)