Monday, March 29, 2010


I have never met anyone who is not aware of breast cancer. Have you? Victims' families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are all too aware of it. Can we assume for a moment that everyone is aware of it? Then why do we run races and earn money for "awareness?" Where does that awareness money go? How much for prizes? How much for awareness of the sponsor company's name? There's a big word for that: cause marketing.

Do you run for breast cancer? Are you going to? What do you know about the sponsoring company? Do they use carcinogens in their products?

Stop griping, you say! Don't you know we're just running for a cure? So I ask:

If only 50% of the money goes for research, is that okay? Is 25% okay?

Who gets the research money? A pharmaceutical firm that makes dangerous products? Or a company whose products are beneficial?

When I go to church, the budget is published. I know where the money goes. It's just not okay with me to give to an event that refuses to reveal how much money finally goes to research. I contacted Revlon about a year ago, and they told me they do not divulge the figures.

For more info, I refer you to Breast Cancer Action.

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