Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Mammogram day! No more procrastinating. I'm a dreader, so even if last year's screening was okay, I still put this off. When I actually get there, I'm cheerful. I ask for a feedback form at sign-in.

So what do you do when your mammogram is really painful or the tech could use an hour in the time-out chair? We can't call for the manager, and we're too nice to give her a little Gibbs-slap. We're afraid to stop the exam in case the insurance company won't give us another, so we suffer through it. Please tell your doctor! And there may be a patient relations office you can call or write to. I had great luck writing to patient relations in my hospital about a different problem

Actually, today's tech, Paula, was great and I wasn't really uncomfortable. I praised her on the feedback form. Do you ever praise hospital people for a good experience? Let me know.

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