Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Am I my better after two months and a couple days without Tamoxifen?   If my new pills would please stop confusing me, I might know the answer.

I actually went back thru old day-at-a-time notebooks to see what I was complaining about several years ago.  Alas, I did not have a day-by-day notebook for that crazy time -- those am-I-insane months before the doctor cut my dose in half.  

I did have some muscle aches, but not the horrid wake-up-all night aches and cramps that my friend suffered on "the other medicine". 
The sad thing is those first months of Tamox-brain still at times make me mistrust my memory for no reason.

The main difference on no-Tamox?  I have mild (so far) hot flashes!  How's that for a joke on an 80-year old woman?! In Texas.

Maybe I'll still be better after a few months.

I wish you health. 

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Katie said...

Margaret, I can't figure out how you know you're allergic to a drug if you've never taken it! A lot of ads now say, specifically, do not take this drug if you're allergiv to it. What the heck?